Geographia Polonica (2017) vol. 90, iss. 3

Revival of rural settlements in Kłodzko Land

Robert Szmytkie, Przemysław Tomczak

Geographia Polonica (2017) vol. 90, iss. 3, pp. 319-333 | Full text

During the post-war period the area of Kłodzko Land was subject to considerable depopulation processes which resulted in partial and total depopulation of outlying villages. For this reason the region is considered as problematic by many researchers, despite numerous attempts to revive it. In recent years, however, increasing variation in the trends of population change has been noticed and, besides the continually progressing depopulation, processes indicating the ‘revival’ of certain declining villages have emerged. This situationis a result of the influx of new residents, mainly from urban areas, who frequently run their own businesses and by doing so transform the functional character of particular villages.

Keywords: rural areas, population change, depopulation, functional changes, Kłodzko Land

Robert Szmytkie [], Uniwersytet Wrocławski, Instytut Geografii i Rozwoju Regionalnego
Przemysław Tomczak [], Institute of Geography and Regional Development University of Wrocław Pl. Uniwersytecki 1, 50-137 Wrocław: Poland