Geographia Polonica (2018) vol. 91, iss. 1

Political borders under ecological control in the Polish borderlands

Marek Więckowski

Geographia Polonica (2018) vol. 91, iss. 1, pp. 127-138 | Full text

In Central and Eastern Europe, including Poland, many protected areas are situated in the borderlands. Borders (e.g. between states), boundaries (of protected areas), and frontiers (e.g. an eco-frontier) are produced by humans and underline control and ownership of land (territory). These borderlines overlap with each another – can be visible or not, and function as barriers to the flows and economic activity of human beings, with their juridical consequences. In this paper the focus has been placed on the role of that borders play in the construction of space, especially in relation to attractive natural areas in the borderlands of Poland, whether or not they are protected. Additionally the author proposes and tries to illustrate the role of the ‘periodisation’ of nature protection in the borderlands and the relationship between them.

Keywords: Poland, border, national park, transboundary cooperation, protected area, eco-frontier

Marek Więckowski [], Instytut Geografii i Przestrzennego Zagospodarowania im. S. Leszczyckiego PAN