Geographia Polonica (2020) vol. 93, iss. 4

Perspectives on internationalism in Geography

Michael E. Meadows

Geographia Polonica (2020) vol. 93, iss. 4, pp. 493-504 | Full text

International collaboration in science in general continues to grow and the discipline of Geography is increasingly becoming internationalized. Although there are many benefits to internationalism and, indeed, it is essential if we are to address major global challenges, there is debate as to whether or not existing power relations contribute to cementing unevenness and inequity among the global community of geographers. This is reflected in academic publication practices which clearly advantage particular communities over others. In this essay, I offer some thoughts on the nature of internationalism and its influence on representation in the global geographical community. Important constraints to greater inclusivity are highlighted and the role of the International Geographical Union in potentially offsetting some of the apparent inequities is discussed.The paper concludes with some thoughts as to what is needed if internationalism is to help reduce rather than accentuate such imbalances.

Keywords: internationalization, hegemony, scientific publications, International Geographical Union

Michael E. Meadows [], Department of Environmental and Geographical Science University of Cape Town Rondebosch 7701: South Africa; Department of Geographical Sciences East China Normal University Shanghai: PR China; College of Geography and Environmental Sciences Zhejiang Normal University Jinhua: PR China