Geographia Polonica (2012) vol. 85, iss. 4

Differentiation of temporal water level dynamics in the Besko and Klimkówka reservoirs (the Low Beskids, Poland)

Łukasz Wiejaczka, Katarzyna Wesoły

Geographia Polonica (2012) vol. 85, iss. 4, pp. 35-46 | Full text

This article compares the observed water level changes during a hydrological year, in the two Carpathian reservoirs:the Besko and the Klimkówka. The analyzed reservoirs are located within the same physico-geographical unit – the LowBeskids, but the reservoirs operate on rivers with different hydrological regimes (the Wisłok River and the Ropa River). Theperformed analysis shows that during the year, the analyzed reservoirs are characterized by different water level dynamics.The water level changes of the reservoirs are determined by the management of the reservoirs, and more importantly,by the inflow volume as well as the supply distribution throughout the year. The analysis uses archive material provided bythe Regional Water Management Board in Kraków, Poland. The material pertains to the change of water levels in theBesko and Klimkówka Reservoirs between 1996 and 2011.

Keywords: Besko Reservoir, Klimkówka Reservoir, hydrological regime, the Low Beskids, the Polish Carpathians, the Ropa River, the Wisłok River, water level

Łukasz Wiejaczka [], Institute of Geography and Spatial Organization Polish Academy of Sciences, Św. Jana 22, 31-018 Kraków, Poland
Katarzyna Wesoły [], The Regional Water Management Board in Kraków Marszałka J. Piłsudskiego 22, 31-109 Kraków: Poland