Geographia Polonica (2011) vol. 84, iss. Special Issue Part 1

Stratigraphy of alluvial fills and phases of the Holocene floods in the lower Wisłok River valley, SE Poland

Piotr Gębica

Geographia Polonica (2011) vol. 84, iss. Special Issue Part 1, pp. 39-60 | Full text

Stratigraphy of alluvia and chronology of the Holocene flood events were studied on thebasis of 50 radiocarbon dates as well as sedimentological and palynological analyses made on 20depositional sequences of sediments in the lower section of the Wisłok River valley. These sitesevidence the occurrence within the 4–5 m and 6–7 m high levels of the floodplain of separatealluvial fills and palaeochannel systems, recording phases of increased Wisłok activity and frequentfloods dated at: the Alleröd-Younger Dryas Phase, 9,900–9,600 BP, 8,500–8,000 BP, 6,600–6,100 BP, 5,400–5,000 BP, 4,400–4,000 BP, 2,100–1,700 BP, as well as the 11–13th centuries AD andthe middle of the 18th century AD. These periods are in accordance with the phases documentedearlier within the Upper Vistula River drainage basin, particularly in the for-mountainous sectionof the Wisłoka River valley, Vistula River valley downstream of Kraków , as well as in theLower San River valley.

Keywords: stratigraphy, alluvia, flood phases, Holocene, Wisłok River, SE Poland

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