Geographia Polonica (2011) vol. 84, iss. Special Issue Part 2

The role of relief geodiversity in geomorphology

Andrzej Kostrzewski

Geographia Polonica (2011) vol. 84, iss. Special Issue Part 2, pp. 69-74 | Full text

Geodiversity is an important characteristic of Earth surface. Geodiversity is meaningthe diversification of Earth surface in the scope of geology, terrain relief, soils, climate, surfaceand underground water, taking into consideration modifying anthropogenic activity (Kostrzewski1986, 1993, 1997, 1998, 2001). The program of geodiversity protection and preservation includethe assessment of studied spatial unit (geoecosystem) actual geodiversity state, on the base ofdetailed knowledge of geographical environment and the stage of its evolution. In terrain reliefgeodiversity, young and old – restited forms, very often exhumed, are taken into consideration,that are giving the relief of studied area special meaning and appearance. Thematic maps (e.g.of terrain relief geodiversity, soils, surface water and complex maps e.g. landscape) are the cartographicpresentation of geodiversity. Geodiversity studies should be included in geomorphologicalresearch priorities, that is very important from substantive and practical point of view.

Keywords: geodiversity, terrain relief geodiversity, maps of geodiversity, geodiversity protection

Andrzej Kostrzewski [], Institute of Geography and Spatial Organization Polish Academy of Sciences, Twarda 51/55, 00‑818 Warszawa, Poland