Geographia Polonica (2010) vol. 83, iss. 2

The Hotspot—a new technology, but is it also a new, geographical face of the Internet?

Dariusz Ilnicki, Krzysztof Janc

Geographia Polonica (2010) vol. 83, iss. 2, pp. 55-65 | Full text

While an analysis of hotspots might identify aspects that are spatial, technical or sociological,this study disregards the last two (non-geographical) areas of research, in order to concentrateon the spatial distribution of hotspots, albeit on reference levels that are global or elselocal (related to Poland). In fact, however, analysis of spatial aspects to the location and functioningof hotspots encountered a significant obstacle in regard to the accessing of reliable andcomparable data. Beside attempts to assess free sources of data on the subject, the study focuseson the structure of types of place, as well as on the spatial diversity of locations where this typeof Internet access is concerned. Although hotspots do not need to be connected with the ”hardwire” Internet, like their prototype, they seem to copy socio-economic reality and diversities onall reference levels. Nevertheless, like the Internet at the beginning of its existence, they seem todisplay characteristic elements typical of their development.

Keywords: hotspot, Wi-Fi, Internet, world, Poland

Dariusz Ilnicki [], Department of Spatial Management, Institute of Geography and Regional Development, Wrocław University, ul. Kuźnicza 49/55, 50–138 Wrocław, Poland
Krzysztof Janc [], Institute of Geography and Regional Development University of Wrocław Kuźnicza 49/55, 50-138 Wrocław: Poland