Geographia Polonica (2005) vol. 77, iss. 2

The Landscape-ecological Plan in the Process of Rural Landscape Development Supported by SAPARD

Monika Kopecka

Geographia Polonica (2005) vol. 77, iss. 2, pp. 63-78 | Full text

The aim of this article is to point to the possible interface between landscape-ecologicalplanning and programmes supported by the European Community. Priorities and measuresembraced by SAPARD were used in a landscape-ecological plan applied at the local level.Five methodological steps based on the LANDEP methodics, i.e. Landscape-Ecological (L-E)analysis, L-E synthesis, L-E interpretation, L-E evaluation and L-E proposals, were applied toprepare the Proposal for optimal utilization of the study area. Being a compulsory part of territorialplanning, the L-E plan is a way in which to include measures resulting from CommonAgricultural Policy (CAP) reform into landscape utilization proposals in Slovakia.

Keywords: SAPARD, landscape-ecological plan, land use, landscape-ecological proposals, Slovakia

Monika Kopecka, Institute of Geography, Slovak Academy of Sciences Stefanikova 49 814 73 Bratislava, Slovak Republic