Geographia Polonica (1997) vol. 70

Variability of Precipitation in Selected Regions of the Carpathians in the Years 1951-1995

Elżbieta Cebulak

Geographia Polonica (1997) vol. 70, pp. 65-76 | Full text

The paper presents an analysis of recent trends for precipitation in the Carpathians on the basis of data for the period 1951-1995. Temporal variability in precipitation was examined based on area-averaged data for the Carpathians and then separately for the eastern and western parts. Overall precipitation totals in the Carpathians show downward trends, which are visible in summer and winter but which contrast with opposite trends in spring and summer. The largest declines in precipitation totals are observed in summer, a phenomenon especially well-pronounced in the western part of the Carpathians, while smaller declines have occured in winter, mainly in the eastern part of the Carpathians. Spring and autumn precipitation in the Carpathians is increasing, but there is agreement between the trend and the course of precipitation in the whole Carpathians. Agreement between the course and trend in precipitation and the cyclonicity index (C) is also observed.

Keywords: Carpathians, areal precipitation, trend, cyclonicity index

Elżbieta Cebulak, Institute of Meteorology and Water Management ul. Piotra Borowego 14, 30-215 Kraków, Poland