Geographia Polonica (1997) vol. 69

Poverty indicators in a metropolitan city: Hyderabad

A. Geeta Reddy

Geographia Polonica (1997) vol. 69, pp. 183-201 | Full text

Urban poverty, signified by the presence and growth of slums, is widespreadin rapidly growing cities. This paper examines the quality of life, impact of the publicdistribution system, and effect of environment on health of the poor in Hyderabad. Largehouseholds, low literacy and educational levels and concentration of workers in the lowestorder economic activity of mainly unskilled work are features observed. An overwhelmingmajority live below the poverty line, displaying a wide range of living standards and healthproblems. The variations in poverty, trends in transition to improved life and possibilities ofreducing poverty are highlighted in the conclusion.

Keywords: slums, characteristics, hierarchy, poverty alleviation

A. Geeta Reddy, Centre for Area Studies in Urban and Regional Planning in the Indian Ocean Countries, Osmania University Hyderabad - 500 007, India