Geographia Polonica (1996) vol. 67

A stochastic weather generator as a tool for the construction of climate change scenarios

Anna Olecka

Geographia Polonica (1996) vol. 67, pp. 29-38 | Full text

Crop-growth simulation models need long-term daily weather data to assess possible modifications in farm production in changed climatic conditions. Presented here is a stochastic weather generator LARS-WG that provides synthetic long time series of climatic elements. The generator gave an adequate simulation of weather parameters for a selected station in Poland and was next applied to construct climate change scenarios on the basis of UKTR model data.

Keywords: Weather generator, general circulation model (GCM), climate change scenarios, climate variability

Anna Olecka, Climate Protection Center, Institute of Environmental Protection ul. Kolektorska 4, 01-692 Warszawa, Poland