Geographia Polonica (1993) vol. 61

L'étude dynamique de la mobilité socio-spatiale ou les difficultés d'une recherche

Nicole Commerçon

Geographia Polonica (1993) vol. 61, pp. 73-84 | Full text

Medium-sized towns have shown exceptional dynamics during the threedecennia which follow the second world war. This growth has involved an importantsocial change, as towns act as filters on the out and in-migration flows. This paperproposes a method to study this socio-spatial change, particularly with a longitudinalanalysis of population change using appropriated data collected at the microscale.

Keywords: socio-spatial mobility, medium-sized towns, migrations, longitudinal analysis

Nicole Commerçon, Laboratoire de Géographie Rhodanienne, C.N.R.S., Lyon, France