Geographia Polonica (1993) vol. 61

Territorial differentiation of demographic development level of the city. The case of Cracow

Andrzej Zborowski

Geographia Polonica (1993) vol. 61, pp. 179-188 | Full text

In his paper the author presented the concept of the valuation ofdemographic development and its measures, which can be useful in microscaleinvestigations in Poland. Two variants of this concept were distinguished. The firstone is demographic sensu stricto, based on sex and age structure. The second variantis sociodemographic, connected with type of employment and education level.

Keywords: demographic development level, multidimensional comparative analysis

Andrzej Zborowski, Institute of Geography, Jagellonian University, Grodzka 64, 31-044 Krakow, Poland