Geographia Polonica (1993) vol. 61

The regional structure of unemployment in Poland

Teresa Czyż

Geographia Polonica (1993) vol. 61, pp. 479-498 | Full text

Unemployment is a new social phenomenon in Poland brought about by aradical reconstruction of the socio-economic system. It is highly diversified spatially andgrows fast. In this paper a study is carried out of the dependence between the unemploymentlevel and the socio-economic structure and its transformation in Poland's regional(voivodship) system. The research procedure includes the application of principal componentsanalysis to the identification of significant structural dimensions.

Keywords: regional unemployment differences, the socio-economic structure and unemployment, principal components analysis, Poland

Teresa Czyż [], Institute of Socio-Economic Geography and Space Economy, Adam Mickiewicz University, Fredry 10, 61-701 Poznań, Poland