Geographia Polonica (1990) vol. 58

Morphogenetic classification of river valleys developing in formerly glaciated areas for the needs of mathematical and physical modelling in hydrotechnical projects

Edmund Falkowski

Geographia Polonica (1990) vol. 58, pp. 55-68 | Full text

This paper deals with proposals of natural models of river valley evolution useful forphysical and mathematical modelling in hydrotechnical projects. Such models are knownfrom investigations of numerous valley reaches of the Wisla (Vistula) River and the Odra(Oder) River drainage basins (Fig. 1). The proposed classification of model types forms anopen system that can be supplemented with new types and subtypes, characteristic for otherregions of the world.It should be strongly underlined that the experience of author and his research team(Dr K. Krauzlis, Dr K. Laskowski, W. Granacki M.Sc., T. Falkowski M.Sc., J. KarabonM.Sc., R. Bieganowski) proves the usefulness of the morphogenetic approach in studyingthe river channels and valleys. Otherwise, wrong or non-precise conclusions can be drawn.Such approach is desirable either in basic research studies or in investigations for practicalpurposes, e.g. in hydrotechnics.

Edmund Falkowski, Institute of Hydrology and Engineering Geology, University of Warsaw, Warsaw, Poland