Geographia Polonica (1989) vol. 57

Regional structures and types of the agriculture in the GDR

Walter Roubitschek

Geographia Polonica (1989) vol. 57, pp. 123-136 | Full text

More than other branches of economy, agriculture is characterized by a close connection between the general socio-economic development and the natural and socio-economic factors differentiated regionally. The regular regional differentiations require adaptation of organization and management of agriculture to the concrete territorial resources. This is the real basis of the scientific agricultural geography. In the following we will examine at first territorial aspects of the main branches of agricultural production in the GDR. Then follows an attempt to give an all-round geographical typology of the agriculture in the GDR.

Walter Roubitschek, Martin —Luther —University, Halle — Wittenberg, GDR