Geographia Polonica (1980) vol. 43

The Upper-Silesian Core Region: its growth and evolution

Lech Pakuła

Geographia Polonica (1980) vol. 43, pp. 213-222 | Full text

The present contribution is part of my studies on the processes of industrial agglomeration in the group of industrial districts of the Upper-Silesian Core Region* It is intended to show how agglomeration processes in industry take place parallelly to the growth of industrial potential and to structural changes, and how they affect the space-functional integration of the Upper-Silesian Industrial District (hereafter referred to as USID) with the four districts around it.The process of concentration in space of production now under way and the reinforcement of integrative links of different scope speed up the emergence of a spatially continuous industrial core region.

The processes of industrial integration between the different districts around the USID with the USID itself are a good illustration of the theory that industrial core regions develop by 'burgeoning'.

Lech Pakuła, Teachers' Training College, Cracow