Geographia Polonica (1977) vol. 34

Limestone hydrology and its relevance to applied geography

David Ingle Smith

Geographia Polonica (1977) vol. 34, pp. 119-132 | Full text

Studies of the geomorphology of limestone terrains have, in the last fewyears, been directed towards an understanding of the nature and rate of erosionalprocesses. This has resulted in the need for detailed observations on thehydrology of the areas studies, including observations on the various forms ofwater quality. Since, with the exception of regions of permafrost, limestoneterrains are normally associated with a paucity, or complete lack, of surfacedrainage, such hydrological work has required the tracing of groundwatermovement. Much of this research has been of an academic nature but thereis little doubt that it is also of value in an applied sense. As a background tothe applied studies, a brief review will be given of the erosional and hydrologicalstudies.

David Ingle Smith, Australian National University, Canberra