Geographia Polonica (1975) vol. 30

Local energy balance in urban and industrial environment

Janusz Paszyński

Geographia Polonica (1975) vol. 30, pp. 133-137 | Full text

During the last several years living conditions of a large part of our pop-ulation have undergone many changes. This was caused by rapid growth of industrialization, which in turn induced the migration of rural population to towns and industrial settlements, in other words urbanization.Such rapid development of industry and the creation of new urban centers transformed the physical and biological environment in many areas. Those trans-formations were not restricted only to regions where the actual urban centers and industrial plants were located but in many cases they spread to neighbour-ing areas.Those changes and transformations — often quite unintended — are very diverse and it is therefore difficult to generalize them.Nevertheless there exists a number of common features, occurring every-where where we have to do with the processes of industrialization and urbani-zation, as well as many other common regularities governing the transforma-tions of environment which are connected with these processes.Those rules allow of a very general definition of urban and industrial en-vironments.

Janusz Paszyński [], Institut de Géographie et d'Amenagement du Territoire. Académie Polonaise des Sciences. Varsovie