Geographia Polonica (1974) vol. 28

Regionalization methods: a set-theoretical evaluation

Leszek Pernarowski

Geographia Polonica (1974) vol. 28, pp. 77-86 | Full text

Recent years have witnessed a growing interest in the problems of regional geography, especially in the methods employed in regionalization and classifi-cation of geographic space. Several methods of regionalization called qualita-tive (Grano 1953; Isachenko 1965; Mikhaylov 1967; Milkov 1967; Preobrazhen-skii 1966) or mathematical (Pernarowski 1968; Romer 1949) have been proposed. An analysis and evaluation of these methods seem to be indispensable.

As qualitative methods are known to employ mainly qualitative notions it is necessary to interpret them mathematically in terms of those mathematical disciplines which employ qualities too. The theory of sets is such a discipline. In this paper it is used for developing a method of dividing territories into definite areas and subsequently for comparing it to the previous qualitative and mathematical methods thus providing a final evaluation of them.

Leszek Pernarowski, Wroclaw University