Geographia Polonica (1973) vol. 27

The concept of a unified settlement system and the planned control of the growth of towns in the USRR

David Khodzhaev, Boris S. Khorev

Geographia Polonica (1973) vol. 27, pp. 43-52 | Full text

The purpose of the present study is to present a general concept of the developmentof settlement1 in the USSR, and through this to work out the basicpolicy assumptions for controlling the growth of towns and other settlements.Without this concept it would be difficult to carry out rational regional andurban planning. The concept of settlement development should, on the onehand, have a theoretical basis, and on the other, be based on an analysis of theempirical trends in modern settlement networks.

David Khodzhaev, Gosplan SSSR State University of Moscow
Boris S. Khorev, Moscow Slate University. Moscow. USSR