Geographia Polonica (1973) vol. 27

Socio-demographic aspects of urbanization in the USRR

Oleg V. JLarmin, Valentino. M. Moiseenko, Boris S. Khorev

Geographia Polonica (1973) vol. 27, pp. 53-62 | Full text

Urbanization is one of the most important processes in the development ofsociety today. It is a complex and polyfunctional one. In studying urbanization,therefore, specialists in several scientific disciplines, must take part since evenin introductory studies one can distinguish many elements in the urbanizationprocess: technological, economic, geographical, ecological, political, sociological,socio-psychological, medico-biological, socio-demographic, moral, esthetical, andso on. But despite this necessary differentiation an integrative approach to thestudy of urbanization as a unified system is an imperative goal.In the present study we would like to consider only the socio-demographicaspects of urbanization, in socialist countries. But first an explanation of whatthe authors understand by the expression "socio-demographic" is necessary.

Oleg V. JLarmin, State University of Moscow
Valentino. M. Moiseenko, State University of Moscow
Boris S. Khorev, Moscow Slate University. Moscow. USSR