Geographia Polonica (1967) vol. 11

Research on the dynamics of the inter-regional commodity flows

Wojciech Morawski

Geographia Polonica (1967) vol. 11, pp. 129-142 | Full text

From an analysis of allocation, intensity and structure of the com-modity flows we shall attempt to define one of the essential aspects of the structure and the regional typology of the country or of the proces-ses of differentiation and integration of the spatial pattern. This kind of research was undertaken by E. L. Ullman from a quantitative point of view and then included by W. Isard into the system of regional analysis. In Poland Z. Chojnicki achieved some interesting results.

It should be emphasized that when in applied research of the physical size of commodity flows for the regional analysis we encounter two drawbacks. Firstly the research of the physical volumes of commodity flows do not offer any chance of refering to series of economic categories e.g. the value of production or the national income. Secondly such rese-arch raise no doubts while the flow of goods of homogeneous com-modities is considered; however, as soon as we try to transform much of the analytical information and turn it into a synthetic form, doubts and reservations arise.

Bearing in mind the aforesaid doubts and restrictions concerning the limited application of physical volumes of commodity flows in the regional analysis I should like to present, some results of studies on the dynamics of these flows. I shall therefore concentrate on the problem of influence of the structure and changes of commodity flows on the dyna-mics of the formation of regional balances of commodity flows.

Wojciech Morawski, Committee for Space Economy and Regional Planning Polish Academy of Sciences Warsaw