Geographia Polonica (1967) vol. 11

Problem o fless developed Polish regions and their activation

Bolesław Winiarski

Geographia Polonica (1967) vol. 11, pp. 143-155 | Full text

The present article gives a general outline of the problems facing the less developed regions of Poland and their activation. The author also draws attention to certain very important questions connected with these problems. The article gives prominence to economic matters and emphasi-zes the theoretical aspects of applied research and its results.

The survey of the less developed regions and of the prospects for their activation has aroused the general interest of Polish research centres and public opinion. These problems are also taken into considera-tion by the State in its economic policy. It is thought that they may also interest foreign readers.

Bolesław Winiarski, Department for Space Economy and Regional Planning Polish Academy of Sciences Warsaw