Geographia Polonica is running an INDEX PLUS project

INDEX PLUS is a programme launched by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education to support projects bringing Polish academic journals to the international market. In 2012 a total of 88 projects received more than 11 million zlotys in funding and Geographia Polonica was proud to be the only geographical periodical in this elite group.

Our project is scheduled to run from 2012 to 2014 during which time IGIPZ PAN will have received 168 thousand zlotys to finance the following activities:

  • Increase the frequency of publishing and improve the quality of papers;
  • Build a professional information platform, including a digitised journal and a new website with modules for automatic submission and reviewing of papers;
  • Change the journal’s layout and upgrade its technology;
  • Carry out international promotion and marketing activities and positioning of the journal’s brand.

You are reading this on a website that has already seen the early results of our efforts to make it fully professional. We encourage you to provide feedback about it, which you can send to the editors’ address.

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