Mizik Tamás


The “CIS effects” of Russia’s forthcoming WTO accession

Mizik Tamás

Geographia Polonica (2011) vol. 84, iss. 2, pp. 65-76 | Full text
doi: https://doi.org/GPol.2011.2.5

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The Russian accession to the WTO will have remarkable effects on the CIS countries. This state of affairs is strongly related to trade issues, because Russia plays an important role in each country's trade. Countries' present WTO status allows the impact of the Russian accession to the WTO to be predicted. As Russia is still using the non-WTO-conforming GOST standard, it is essential to compare that with the WTO's SPS measures. The WTO accession has pros and cons for Russia, but the already ratified Russian accession package demonstrates that pros be-came stronger.

Keywords: Trade analysis, WTO, food safety, SPS, GOST