Ewa Lubera


Tors of the Chochołowska Valley (Western Tatra Mountains)

Ewa Lubera

Geographia Polonica (2011) vol. 84, iss. 1, pp. 75-93 | Full text
doi: https://doi.org/GPol.2011.1.5

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The paper contains the characteristics of selected tors of the Chochołowska Valley, tak-ing into account their geological structure, morphological location, aspect, morphometries, shape and microrelief of the surface of rock walls, as well as position in the altitudinal climate-vegeta-tion belt. It is shown that individual tor groups are typified by low mutual similarity.

Keywords: tors, development stages, the Chochołowska Valley, the Tatra Mts., Poland

Ewa Lubera [ewalubera@uj.edu.pl]