Kenji Hashimoto


Geographical study on changes in the spatial structure of the distribution system by informatization

Kenji Hashimoto

Geographia Polonica (2003) vol. 73, iss. 1, pp. 47-62 | Full text

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The purpose of this paper is to analyze the effect of informatization (influence of the development of information technologies) on the spatial structure of industrial orga-nizations. The analysis was based on case studies of the distribution system in Japan. The following three viewpoints are identified for further studies: the first is a change in the spatial structure in a physical distribution system, the second is a change in the spatial structure in a sale system held by manufacturers and wholesalers, the third point is a change in informa-tion flows in the distribution system.

Keywords: information technology (IT), distribution system, sales system, information network, Japan

Kenji Hashimoto, Osaka Gakuin University, Kishibe Suita City, Osaka 564-8511, Japan