Anna Małgorzata Niżnik


Retailing and urban managerialism: process and pattern in Łódź, Poland

Ray Riley, Anna Małgorzata Niżnik

Geographia Polonica (1994) vol. 63, pp. 25-36 | Full text

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It is argued that positive explanations of retail location in Polish cities have simply described spatial patterns and have inadequately explored causative processes. Central to the latter is the concept of urban managerialism. The paper focuses on the Łódź managers, or gatekeepers, who have laid down the rules for privatisation, drawn up minimum bid-rents for different zones, and have discriminated in favour of certain types of shop. Recent retail changes in the main shopping street, Piotrkowska, are analysed, and an assessment made of the role of the urban managers.

Keywords: bid-rent zones, Łódź, privatisation, retailing, urban managerialism

Ray Riley, Department of Geography, University of Portsmouth, Portsmouth POI 3HE, U. K.
Anna Małgorzata Niżnik, Instytut Geografii Ekonomicznej, Uniwersytet Łódzki, al. Kościuszki 21, 90-418 Łódź