Jean-philippe Damais


Apports des analyses à micro-échelle dans les recherches urbaines sur la différenciation sociale de l'espace en milieu urbain

Jean-philippe Damais

Geographia Polonica (1993) vol. 61, pp. 33-46 | Full text

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In account of a recent statutory prohibition of spreading data from Frenchcensus for spatial units below 5 000 inhabitants, the author of this paper, after twentyyears of research on microscale analysis of urban sphere — Housing, Populations —has chosen to present a defense of this model of analysis. Thus, he demonstrates theunique and unimpeachable contribution of block analysis for a full knowledge ofspace's organisation and differentiation in the urban sphere.

Keywords: organization and social differentiation of space in urban sphere, blocks, urban geography, urban populations

Jean-philippe Damais, Centre d'Etudes des Populations et des Activités Urbaines, Université de Paris-Nord (XIII), Université de Paris I, Paris, France