Ebukali Okwi


Qui habite Kampala?

Bernard Calas, Ebukali Okwi

Geographia Polonica (1993) vol. 61, pp. 189-206 | Full text

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This paper deals with the socio-economic differentiation of Kampala'svillages. After a short historical analysis of the demographic growth of Kampala since1945, the results of an enquiry applied upon 250 households in 10 villages are given.The main point is that the average size of the household and the associations ofvarious types of households which characterized any village are narrowly related tomajor socio-economic determinants such as: land status, main income sources, lengthof stay in Kampala.

Keywords: urban growth, spatial differentiation, households' structure, socio- -economic status, urban integration

Bernard Calas, CREDU, Nairobi, Kenya
Ebukali Okwi, Département de Géographie, Université Makerere, Kampala, Ouganda