Elli Karjalainen


Structure of migration flows in Kainuu, Finland

Elli Karjalainen

Geographia Polonica (1993) vol. 61, pp. 317-328 | Full text

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The purpose is to study areal differences in development at the regionaland local levels employing migration as the chief indicator. An attempt is also madeto describe the nature of the hierarchical structure of migration.Recent changes in regional development reflect an increasing tendency foragglomeration and centralization. By reference to the model for commune-internalmigration, the rural areas of the communes form two zones: regressive areas, whichare the more remote parts of the countryside, and intermediate areas, located close tothe built-up areas. The built-up areas themselves represent a developing type.

Keywords: migration, regional development

Elli Karjalainen, Research Institute of Northern Finland, University of Oulu, Kajaani, Finland