Henryk Kern


Some problems of geochemical evolution of Polish soils

Henryk Kern

Geographia Polonica (1984) vol. 50, pp. 315-328 | Full text

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Geochemical processes lead to continuous changes in the soil medium. Thesechanges cannot be indifferent to man, as they decide about his existence, affectingthe content of nutrients in soil indispensable for the growth of plants. In addition,anthropogenic factor overlaps more and more often the processes of natural chemicalchanges in soil. Its action leads on the one hand to an enrichment (orsupplementation) of soil in chemical compounds (fertilization) which are leachedor taken out with crops, or to an impoverishment of soils on wide areas oreven their complete degradation under the effect of harmful industrial emissions,on the other.

The most characteristic elements for the processes mentioned are calcium carbonatescontained in soils. However, we neither dispose of an exact inventory of theoccurrence of carbonates in soils, nor we know the localization of processes leadingto their impoverishment all over the country. In this connection the investigationsaiming at a spatial presentation of existing state in the occurrence of carbonatesand of the reaction of soils as well as at determination of directions of changesof this state were carried out. The investigation enabled to make an attempt ofpresentation of the above changes cartographically. The-maps, apart from the presentpicture of the occurrence of carbonates and of the soil reaction, proved itsunfavourable changes. Information contained in the maps enables both to counteractefficiently and/or anticipate threats for agriculture connected with worsening stateof acidification of arable soils.

Henryk Kern, Institute of Soil Science and Cultivation of Plants. Puławy