J.p. Saxena


Regional imbalances in the agricultural development of Madhya Pradesh, India

J.p. Saxena, S.n. Mehrotra

Geographia Polonica (1979) vol. 40, pp. 201-208 | Full text

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Madhya Pradesh is agriculturally a backward State as compared with such progressive States of India as Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Tamilnadu, Kerala etc. Since independence was gained there has been a consistent effort on the part of the Government of Madhya Pradesh and also the Centre, to improve the agri-cultural situation in different parts of Madhya Pradesh. Since 1951 Madhya Pradesh has seen four Five Year Plans, during which much has been done to develop agriculture on the regional basis by making available to the farmer a substantial quantity of chemical fertilizers, improved variety of seeds and facilities of irrigation and power. However, it has to be admitted that neither the geographical conditions nor the attitudes of peasant community in different parts of the State permit uniform development of agriculture. There are im-balances in the regional development and the authors have attempted to pin--point these imbalances in this article.

J.p. Saxena, Professor of Geography, M.L.B. Arts and Commerce College, Gwalior, India
S.n. Mehrotra, Joint Director of Education, M.P., Bhopal, India