Lawrence W. Murray, Jr.


An econometric model of industrial development in Poland, 1950-1970

Lawrence W. Murray, Jr., Gerald J. Karaska

Geographia Polonica (1975) vol. 31, pp. 29-40 | Full text

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The purpose of this paper is to, first, briefly describe the recent changes in industrial employment in post-war Poland, particularly as these changes refer to the theoretical generalizations which constitute the socialist spatial develop-ment model, and, secondly, to present an econometric analysis which models the developmental dynamics of Polish industry over space during 1950-1970.

Many attempts have been made to investigate industrialization in Poland sc as to evaluate the results of economic development over space during the period 1946-60. Widely varying in time dimension, areal differentiation, and methods of analysis, five of these studies demand review here for they offer a series of empirical results and methodological demarcations in the measurement oi Polish industrial development.

Lawrence W. Murray, Jr., Clark University, Worcester, Massachusetts
Gerald J. Karaska, Clark University, Worcester, Massachusetts, USA