Maria W. Kraujalis


Artificial heat over the territory of Poland

Maria W. Kraujalis

Geographia Polonica (1972) vol. 21, pp. 41-52 | Full text

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Apart from natural source of heat which is solar radiation, heat emission from man-made sources is becoming an important term in the energy balance of the earth surface.The combustion of fuels for industrial and transportation purposes constitute the main sources of artificial heat which is emitted into the ambient air. This com-ponent of the heat balance equation value, and its comparison with the solar ra-diation over the Poland's territory is the object of this investigation.This aims of the study are:

  1. to calculate the amount of heat emitted by the combustion of fuel all over Poland in various branches of economic life;
  2. to estimate its share in the heat balance on the interface earth-atmosphere;3) to investigate the spatial distribution of this component of heat balance.

Maria W. Kraujalis, Institute of Geography PAN, Warsaw