Bodo Freund


Recent evolution of social and spatial structure of agriculture in the Northern fringe of Frankfurt am Main

Bodo Freund

Geographia Polonica (1978) vol. 38, pp. 119-130 | Full text

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What are the general traits characterizing urban agriculture? Do essentialdifferences occur between agricultural units which have been changed to isolatedfarmsteads on consolidated holdings and those that have remained in theirvillages? How is their future distribution expected to develop? With these problemsin mind the author carried out standardized interviews with all farmersat seven localities in the northern fringe of Frankfurt am Main.1As to natural and structural conditions, the area under investigation isslightly better than the average of Frankfurt's environs. The area under cultivation,insignificantly inclined and consisting of loess soils, is situated at 110 to180 m a.s.l. Annual precipitation varies around 600 mm, the mean annual temperatureis about 8.7°C.

Bodo Freund, Frankfurt am Main University