Andreas Faludi


Place is no man's land

Andreas Faludi

Geographia Polonica (2015) vol. 88, iss. 1, pp. 5-20 | Full text

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A recent survey concerns the use of the place-based approach to territorial development throughout Europe. Places, according to the Barca Report, are drawn as frames which are irrespective of political boundaries for integrating policies with spatial impacts. For this very reason, they are also a no-man’s land each in the sense of no one government being responsible. Where does this leave the democratic legitimacy of place governance? The question may also be asked whether territorial representation is the only way of producing legitimacy in a network society. Raising the issue is certain to meet with opposition, especially since alternatives are anything but clear. The epilogue discusses Europe as a place and reflects on European governance.

Keywords: democratic legitimacy, place based approach, place governance, territorial representation, Barca report, Leader programme

Andreas Faludi [], Delft University of Technology Oostplantsoen 114, 2611 WL Delft: The Netherlands