Beata Namyślak


Cultural sector entities in Wrocław

Beata Namyślak

Geographia Polonica (2020) vol. 93, iss. 3, pp. 377-396 | Full text

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The present article deals with issues of cultural economics. The author sought to characterise cultural sectorentities in Wrocław (Poland). The study is based on a statistical analysis of data from the Central Statistical Office (GUS) which characterise the cultural sector in Poland and in the studied city in 2010-2019. Special focus was given to provide the characteristics of the entities, including their number, number of employees, type of activity and spatial distribution. Based on the information collected, the author has formulated the following conclusions: recent years, especially the period 2016-2019, have witnessed a significant increasein the number of cultural entities, active especially in new media. Wrocław’s cultural sector entities tend to belocated in the vicinity of the Old Town and along the axis running from the city centre to the south, all the way to the municipality of Kobierzyce. The new trends observed in the development of culture do not build on the potential developed back in the 20th century, for instance in the film or television industry. In some areas (including publishing, radio, television) one can observe intense competition from entities (both domestic and foreign) located in other cities, mainly in Warsaw. No single creative activity is prevailing in Wrocław, which means that the city has not yet selected its specialisation in the field of culture.

Keywords: cultural sector, creative industries, Wrocław, Poland

Beata Namyślak [], Uniwersytet Wrocławski, Instytut Geografii i Rozwoju Regionalnego