Zdzisław Michalczyk


The Influence of an Urbanized Area on the Regime of River Discharges in the Lublin Agglomeration

Zdzisław Michalczyk, Joanna Sposob

Geographia Polonica (2009) vol. 82, iss. 1, pp. 89-98 | Full text

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This study presents changes in water conditions in the Lublin agglomeration, especiallyas regards discharges from the Bystrzyca and other rivers. Areas covered with impermeable materials,such as asphalt and concrete, have caused changes in directions of surface runoff and an intensifi cationof this process, with effects on the discharges of rivers. The regime of fl ooding is the consequence ofnatural and anthropogenic conditions. Spring and summer fl oods in Lublin and at water gauges belowthe city are mainly caused by surface runoff from the urban area. During periods of snowmelt periods ortorrential rain, water fl ows rapidly through the system of stormwater drainage, and then into the rivers.

Keywords: anthropopressure, river discharges, fl oods

Joanna Sposob, Department of Hydrography Institute of the Earth Sciences Maria Curie-Skłodowska University Akademicka 19, 20 – 033 Lublin, Poland

Hydrological consequences of human action in the Łęczna-Włodawa Lake Region

Tadeusz Wilgat, Bronisław Janiec, Zdzisław Michalczyk, Marek Turczyński

Geographia Polonica (1997) vol. 68, pp. 117-147 | Full text

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An attempt was made to define the character and dynamics of hydrographicalchanges in the Łęczna-Włodawa Lake Region. They have been influenced notonly by agricultural land use, but also by the building of the Wieprza-Krzna canal andthe drainage system connected with it, by rapid development of tourism, and by coalmining. Cartographic materials, hydrometrie data, and field work carried out from thebeginning of the 50's by research workers of the Department of Hydrography, MariaCurie-Sklodowska University, were a basis for these studies.

Keywords: anthropopressure, water management, water quality, environmental protection, Polesie Lubelskie region, Eastern Poland

Tadeusz Wilgat, Maria Curie-Skłodowska University, Lublin
Bronisław Janiec, Institute of Earth Sciences, Maria Curie-Skłodowska University, Lublin. Poland

Anthropogenic changes in water conditions in the Lublin Area

Zdzisław Michalczyk, Marek Jarosław Łoś

Geographia Polonica (1997) vol. 68, pp. 81-97 | Full text

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The development of the city of Lublin has been closely associated with theexploitation of water resources in the Bystrzyca river basin. The extension of this citydistinctly affects the water conditions of the middle part of this basin. Lublin is suppliedwith water almost solely from underground resources, a situation which has beendictated by excellent-quality and easily-available underground waters and smallresources of surface water. A high level of exploitation of the underground waters hasled to considerable changes in water circulation. Its character and grade have beenchanging over the centuries with the development of the city and an increase in waterneeds.

Keywords: water circulation, water resources, changes in water conditions, Bystrzyca river basin, Eastern Poland

Marek Jarosław Łoś, Bureau of Water Management Projects and Environment Protection Kapucyńska 1A, 20-009 Lublin, Poland