Jerzy Mościbroda


Problem of basic unit areas in studies of Polish geographers and cartographers

Jerzy Mościbroda

Geographia Polonica (1982) vol. 48, pp. 119-130 | Full text

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Polish geographers and cartographers have recently been payingincreasing attention to the problem of basic unit area, particularly thepossibility of introducing a uniform division of the country into geometricalunits as a basis for data compilation and processing for cartographicand other purposes. This problem was often on the agenda of recentcartographic conferences, seminars, meetings of the Cartographical Commissionof the Polish Geographical Society, the Committee on GeneralCartography, and various other informal meetings of cartographers. Theneed to introduce such a division has also been voiced by some non-geographers:statisticians, economists, botanists and others. This increasinginterest in the problems of unit areas is a good opportunity to review theto-date achievements and experiences of geopraphy and cartography inthis field of research. Poles have made a valuable contribution to thesestudies. Although some of their studies are quite well known and fullydeserve to be labelled as pioneering, many others have been forgotten orare familiar only to a small group of specialists. As they are varied,numerous, and in many cases up-to-date, they deserve at least a briefdescription.

Jerzy Mościbroda, Institute of Earth Sciences, Maria Curie-Sklodowska University, Lublin